The abduction of Japanese nationals by North Korea.

Meeting for Japanese-South Korean Solidarity

North Koreans who have fled their country to take refuge in South Korea use radio waves to broadcast the truth to the people of North Korea. The U.S. government has reported that «Free Radio of North Korea» had the highest ratings of all radios that broadcast to North Koreans.

One reason for this success is that the North Korean refugees address their compatriots with the same accent.

All the members of the AFVKN have been able to express themselves through that radio to demand the release of all victims. As for NARKN, it broadcasts the same message once a week in the «abduction» section. In addition, it offers a reward to any North Korean likely to provide information about abductions. «Free Radio of North Korea» has already received valuable information on this subject.

For many years, there was no association of victims’ families, although there were about South Korean 500 victims abducted by North Korea after the Korean War. In 1999, the first Japanese Great Popular Assembly hosted the families of victims from South Korea. Stimulated by the magnitude of the Japanese movement, these families, in the month of February of the following year, formed their own association (Association of Families of Victims of South Koreans After War. U-yaong Choi is the President). November 2000 saw the creation of the Union of Families of Victims Kidnapped during the Korean War (the president is Mi-il Lee) which brings together fami- lies of almost 83,000 victims. Since then, representatives of these associations come to Japan each year to participate in the Great Popular Assembly. Similarly, AFVKN and NARKN often visit South Korea to support the work of organisations in South Korea.