December 8th, 2005
National Association for the Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by North Korea (NARKN)

世界に広がる北朝鮮による拉致被害 (救う会作成) 
North Korean Abduction Victims Worldwide

国籍/Nationality 被害者数/the number of victims 出処/sources notes
韓国人8万2959人(朝鮮戦争中民間人拉致) 韓国政府調査
South Koreans 82,959 (civilian victims during the Korean War)ROK government
485人(朝鮮戦争休戦後) 韓国政府調査
485 (after ceasefire) ROK government

日本人16人 日本政府調査
Japanese16Japanese government
約100人 NGO推計
over 100 NGOstheir own accounts

レバノン人4人 1978年拉致され1979年までに救出された
Lebaneseabducted in 1978 and recovered before the end of 1979one of them married to a US serviceman, a deserter

タイ人1人 米兵の妻
Thais 1 married to a US serviceman, a deserter
ルーマニア人1人 米兵の妻
Rumanians 1 married to a US serviceman, a deserter

Chinese(residents in Macao) 2Choi Un-hee, a South Korean returned abductee, met and talked with one of them in North Korea

Malaysians4 ? Choi Un-hee heard about that person.


Four Malaysian women disappeared from Singapore all on the same date in August 1978. Mr. Jenkins saw one of them in Pyongyang later.

Singaporeans1? A Singaporean woman disappeared along with above mentioned Malaysian women.

フランス人3人? 上記レバノン人被害者が1978年に目撃
French3 ?Abduted Lebanese saw them in 1978. Choi Un-hi and Kim Hyon-hi, a KAL bomber, heard about one of them.

Italians3 ?Abduted Lebanese saw them in 1978.

Hollanders2 ?Abduted Lebanese saw them in 1978

Jordanians1 ?Choi Un-hee saw that person.